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Get your brand noticed by partnering with the UK's leading digital PR company

We regularly get our clients featured in the most sought after publications online, and the links that we earn drive serious SEO impact.

Examples of some of our digital PR coverage - coverage in various national newspapers.

Some of the brands we have worked with:

Our Services

A range of digital PR services tailored to your brand


Newsjacking & Reactive PR

Get in front of journalists looking for expert comments, unique data and story ideas
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Data-Driven Digital PR Campaigns

Use a mix of primary and secondary data to help get your brand featured in the press
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Thought Leadership Pieces

Position your brand and team as thought leaders within your industry with new research pieces
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Our Process

Digital PR at a speed and scale never seen before

We have perfected our approach to digital PR, allowing us to launch and scale campaigns at a speed that you will have never seen before.

Below are the 3 key stages of our digital PR process:

Within our team of 70+ digital PR professionals we have experts in each of these three areas.

Our Digital PR Experts

A team of digital PR specialists with the sole focus of earning you the very best links and coverage

Paul Lapham

Data Insights Manager

Helena Maniglia

Head of Digital PR

Scott Bowman

Graphic Design Lead
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We earn you backlinks from the highest authority websites online

Digital PR FAQs

Common Questions About Digital PR

Digital PR, otherwise known as Digital Public Relations, is a marketing strategy which aims to improve a brands online presence. Typically those practising digital PR will put together press releases and stories before sharing them with journalists who might be interested in picking them up and sharing them with their own audience.

Digital PR is a strategy used by those looking to earn high authority backlinks and brand mentions, whilst also increasing brand awareness and driving additional conversions.

Unlike other methods used to acquire backlinks, digital PR does not involve exchanging money for links. Digital PR backlinks are editorially earned and therefore said to carry more weight.

A digital PR agency is a collection of individuals who work to get their clients featured in top-tier press and industry publications, using a mix of popular digital PR techniques and strategies. 

The digital PR agency will use a mix of activity, like data collection and journalist outreach, to earn high authority backlinks for their client websites. They may also report on other metrics, like readership of the publications that their clients get featured on and/or referral traffic sent to the client website.

With digital PR targeting the highest authority websites and publications online, you will find that it tends to cost significantly more than your standard guest blogging and/or link building campaign.

Many different tools and skillsets are required to run a digital PR campaign, and the results of a successful one will be far ahead of alternative strategies, so digital PR tends to start from at least £5,000 per campaign.

As the campaign methodology and activity gets more large-scale and complex, the costs will increase accordingly.


This really depends on what you mean by “worth it”.

If you are a brand looking to increase their positions in the organic search results, and drive more SEO traffic and revenue, digital PR is highly likely to be worth the investment. 

The strategy has many direct and indirect benefits outside of SEO, and (when done correctly) is one of the few off-site SEO strategies which stay within Google’s guidelines.

Having said that, it isn’t right for every business.

If you have a minimal budget, and/or need results overnight, then organic search marketing might not be right for you at this time at all. You could be better off investing in a more direct-response channel, like paid media, until you have the budgets and deadlines that will allow you to see the most impact from your digital PR campaigns. 

If you aren’t sure whether digital PR is right for you and your business at this time, speak to one of our experts who will help you work out what results you could expect and how this might impact your business goals and objectives.

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